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Lost and Found Database


The Lost and Found’ Application is designed to make the inevitable dealing with Lost and Found items as easy and efficient as possible. The system has lots of flexibility built into it to allow adjusting for the way the organization works. This application can be installed as stand alone or in a multi user network environment (unlimited number of seats).



Match Lost and Found Items Immediately

While entering a found item into the database, you immediately see possible matches (reported lost items) in the same window. This also happens with found items when reporting a loss. You can match them immediately without having to work your way through thick binders.



Keep Track of Where a Found Item is

Found items normally enter an organization at peripheral points, where it is the easiest for the finder to hand them over. They will only be moved to a central storage location at the end of the day/week or when somebody has to go there anyways. The Lost and Found application allows you to keep track of where an item is right now. That way you don't have to give your customer the run-around.



Nearly Paperless

The application works paperless with the exception of voluntary reports to create 'paper trails'



Identify Items

The application allows to print labels to mark found items with the 'case number' and other key information. The Label Printer is NOT included.



Reduce your Inventory of Found Items

By law, your organization is required to keep found items for a certain period of time. The application can print a report listing all items in storage that exceed that period, thus allowing you to keep your inventory under control.





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