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If your organization shows one or several of the symptoms listed below, Contact Us.

Owl Database Applications has the knowledge to come up with a solution, tailor made to your needs that will pay for itself within a short period of time.

Data and information handling is too time consuming and prone to mistakes

Your internal processes require lots of data and information to be readily accessible.
  • You have to sift through lots of data to find what you are looking for.
  • Multiple places where the same information is stored or individual 'cheat sheets' require multiple data entry of the same information. No guarantee that they are all updated since information enters your organization through different venues.
  • Important information stored in paper files that are time consuming to access or even to find.
  • In case different places show different information, it is impossible to know which one is correct.
  • Mistakes happen because outdated information is used.
  • Documents that are created require the same information to be typed again and again. This is not only time consuming, but transfer errors happen in the process. 
Low customer satisfaction
  • Unable to provide customers reliably with firm dates.
  • Too many errors occur because important data / information cannot be properly disseminated internally.
  • Customer support performs below expectation because they don't have the latest information at their fingertips.
  • Several of your customer service people, maybe even in different locations, rely on the same, fast changing data. Errors, like overbooking in the case of event registrations, occur because the data are not updated reliably and disseminated fast enough.
Converting customer specs to internal orders takes too much time and / or creates errors

This section of symptoms applies primarily to organizations that deal with complex, heavily customized products.

  • It takes too much time to convert customer specs into quotes or internal orders.
  • This process is primarily manual and causes too many mistakes.
  • Unsatisfactory Change-Order process including internal dissemination of information (technical changes as well as monetary consequences).
Unsatisfactory or no real scheduling

This section of symptoms applies primarily to organizations that require a number of steps to be done in a defined sequence (e.g. manufacturing).

  • No information available that states what step has to be completed when, in order to allow planned completion in time.
  • Required individual completion dates have to be manually filtered out of pages of data. Easy to read, prioritized To-Do lists are not available.
  • No ability to immediately recognize consequences of delays 'up stream'.
  • High inventory and/or too many shortages.
  • Information regarding completion of preceding steps has to be found manually.
  • Schedule changes create conflicts because of a lack of reliable data.
  • Dissemination of changes and their consequences unreliable.
Insufficient planning tools
  • Unrealistic planning, because forecast values are primarily  'guesstimates' and wishful thinking and not based on reality.
  • Unreliable or missing detail planning because required planning parameters are unknown or not sufficiently accurate.
  • Only very general or no numbers at all to compare actual to forecast on an ongoing basis and to take targeted corrective action if necessary.
  • No early warning that shows developing problems before they become emergencies.
  • No early warning that shows opportunities opening up.


These are just a few examples of symptoms that cost your organization money, money that normally disappears in your cost of doing business. If your organization 'suffers' from one or several of these symptoms, Contact Us.

Owl Database Applications has the knowledge to come up with solutions that pay for themselves within a short period of time. And, as this solution will be tailor made to the inner workings of your organization, there will be no need to add additional people.


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