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When it comes to handling data and information, many companies, government-, and non profit organizations use outdated methods,  unaware of the resulting waste of money and resources that could otherwise go straight to the bottom-line. Why does this happen even in organizations that otherwise use state of the art technology?

  • It is nearly impossible to put a dollar figure on waste, it never appears on any balance sheet

  • Managers rarely have training in or first hand experience with the potential of  today's information technologies.
  • Computerized Information systems have a reputation of costing hundreds of thousands of dollars; money that small and medium organizations can neither afford nor justify.


Owl Database Application doesn't try to sell you an expensive 'One Size Fits All' product with bells and whistles you never use. When working with customers, Owl DBA brings extensive industrial experience to the table. Together we can:

  • Analyze your data and flow of information
  • Find key areas with the biggest impact on the overall results
  • Define the first phase of a project around these key areas, using a 'System' methodology


With this approach, Owl Database Applications can provide its customers with tools that will pay for themselves within a short period of time (months rather than years). Starting at a few thousand dollars, depending of course on the project size, you will get a fully functional product that can grow to cover new areas as the size or sophistication of your organization increases.



Owl Database Application doesn't believe in turning an organization on it's head to accommodate for the requirements of  software. The new way of looking at and doing things will be challenging enough.  Our product will therefore be modeled as closely as possible on your way of doing business and changes are only suggested where necessary to achieve the overall goal.



The 'phased' approach has a number of additional benefits:

  • You are in control of what you and your organization want to swallow at a time.
  • By defining a phase you can make sure that the money spent matches the financial possibilities of your organization.
  • You might not have the data for further steps (e.g. Bills of Material, etc). With a 'phased' approach you can fully  benefit from your investment while preparing this information and take the next step once you are ready for it.

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