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Customer Ready Software



Owl Database Applications has a number of standard software packages available for sale.


Scheduling Software

Is your company manufacturing / commissioning complex products that require numerous activities before you can start 'cutting metal'?
Are identical orders the exception?
Do you need better tools to monitor each order and recognize emerging problems before they become  emergencies?
Have high costs and/or insufficient standard data like Bills of Materials and Bills of Labor prevented you from acquiring such tools in the past?

Owl Database Application's Scheduling Software is the answer for these problems. Its flexible design allows to adjust to your reality and it is priced to pay for itself within months

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Sensitivity Analyzer


The Sensitivity Analyzer is a standalone application for upper management. It allows to easily analyze financial numbers and find quick answers for basic questions important on that level.


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Lost and Found


The Lost and Found Application is designed to make the inevitable dealing with Lost and Found items as easy and efficient as possible. The system has lots of flexibility built into it to allow adjusting for the way the organization works. This application can be installed as stand alone or in a multi user network environment.


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The Club


The Club is a Sports Club Management Software for individual sports (like Gymnastics, Karate, Track and Field, etc). It allows keeping track of member information, plan courses and one-time events, sign up members for events according to multiple conditions (age, skill, etc.), sell merchandise, monitor attendance and keep track of the financial side (who owes what when, what fees are paid / open, etc). The Club can be installed as stand alone or in a multi user network environment.


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Changes and add-ons to Customer Ready Software: Contact us for a quote

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