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The Club (Sports Club Management Software)

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The Club is a Sports Club Management Software for individual sports (like Gymnastics, Karate, Track and Field, etc). It allows keeping track of member information, plan courses and one-time events, sign up members for events according to multiple conditions (age, skill, etc.), sell merchandise, monitor attendance and keep track of the financial side (who owes what when, what fees are paid / open, etc). The Club can be installed as stand alone or in a multi user network environment (unlimited number of seats).



Member Information

In addition to standard member data (name, address, phone numbers, etc) the software tracks additional information specific to sports clubs like age, skill level, weight class, emergency contacts, parents / guardian (for members under the age of 18), events (courses / competitions) signed up for, fees due, payments, merchandise as well as health information (insurance number, important health problems)




Schedule events (regular training / courses and competitions / tournaments) and define the applicable pay schedules and fees. Create the related Detail Events with restrictions where applicable (e.g. age, gender, skill level, weight class)



Member Sign-Up

Sign up members for events. The system automatically limits the possibilities according to the set restrictions for the event / detail event and the entered member data. At the same time, the application creates the fee records depending on the selected payment schedule and generates the records for the attendance control.




With The Club you can set up Merchandise items that are sold to members. A merchandise sale automatically generates a fee record.



Receive Payments

Record received payments and match them with 'open' fees. At the same time print a receipt. The application is also able to print statements, either individually or for all members collectively with one command.




The application allows keeping track of attendance, either online or offline (with a printed attendance list).


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